1941 Gibson EH-150 7-String Lap Steel & Matching Tweed Amp - SOLD!

Atomic Age Guitars


ca. (early-mid) 1941 Gibson EH-150 seven-string Lapsteel, with matching striped tweed EH-150 amp! Purchased by the original owner some 80 years ago as a set.

The guitar is a rare, 7-string version of the EH-150 model, and also unique to this year, is the Gibson diagonal Alnico pickup (“ES-300“ pickup) with adjustable pole-pieces, ensconced in tortoiseshell plastic cover. This version was only produced for two years, between late ‘40 and late ‘42. The instrument sports a most attractive Cremona ‘burst with pearl-inlaid, pre-war Gibson script logo and fleur-de-lis headstock ornamentation. The original Kluson tuners have been replaced with top-quality, period correct, Stew Mac Golden age reproductions. They’re correct, direct drop-in units, using the original factory holes. Some of the headstock face veneer (only) surrounding the tuner shaft holes, shows a bit of stress from the ferrules being previously removed. The neck exhibits some up bow but it doesn’t affect playability, as it is a slide guitar. The black and brown bakelite “radio” knobs are original. Gibson intentionally used the mis-matched pair, to help distinguish between the volume and tone controls. Comes in original matching tweed “racing stripe” hardshell case. This thing just SINGS! 

The amp is the venerable Gibson EH-150 “Charlie Christian” amplifier. A true pioneer in the world of early guitar amplification. It produces about 15 watts of power. Nice warm, clean tones from the instrument input …or for those demanding more crunch, try the mic input and you’ll be in crunch heaven! There’s a reason these remain a desirable vintage amp. This particular version is referred to as ‘type 4‘ of the EH-150 lineup, produced between 1941-1942. 1 microphone input, 2 instrument inputs, 1 instrument volume, 1 microphone volume, and a treble/bass control knob. Original transformers. Tubes are as follows… (2) 6L6, 5U4, 6N7 and (3) 6SQ7. Original Rola 12" field coil speaker, although I believe it may have been re-coned at one point in time, as the paper cone is ribbed, not smooth. Replacement grounded power cable.